Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oh, dear Zach, please come home

Cry for me, for my eyes have gone dry.
My tears tread no path through the dust on my cheeks
Life means so little to many back home
But let your son go, just let your son go

Tell him you promise to come back with Godspeed
Kiss your daughter in the dead of the night
Tell them goodbye with no tears in your eye
You must be a better man than me

Pick up your bag and walk out that door
It's the hardest walk you will ever make
To leave all you love for your honor and pride
Praying that you won't be lied to this time

Get on that plane and try not to look back
Now try to do it all over again
This time knowing what you have seen
With blood on your hands that will never come clean.
Zach is an awesome writer. He is currently serving his second tour in Iraq, suffering from the incarceration of stop-loss. I hope he comes home to his wife and two children soon.

انشأ اللاح

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