Monday, June 6, 2005

The DeLay Effect

You can do it, Ohio!
ZANESVILLE, Ohio -- After enlarging their majority in the past two elections, House Republicans have begun to fear that public attention to members' travel and relations with lobbyists will make ethics a potent issue that could cost the party seats in next year's midterm races.
The other thing is that gops are so full of themselves that many of them are in denial. They think they are untouchable. They think that half equals overwhelming majority. They have this fantasy that the whole world is turning right and point to a few examples, usually the increased vocalization from the religious right. The fact is, most people are somewhere in the middle and aren't really concerned with the right or the left and their passionate disgust for one another. Most people don't like bickering partisanship, gridlock, and mudslinging. The elitist right has snubbed the masses, and the masses, in turn, will snub them back.

American politics is pretty cyclical and balanced. No one party holds power for too long, and often that is because a party loses power when it begins to abuse it. That is what we are seeing now. The Dems aren't going to take over in 2006, but they are going to get closer, and by 2008, people will be sick of the gops. Go Hillary.

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