Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Honey, they shrunk my war speech!

Ahmed Amr of NileMedia has this to say about Bush's blabbering last night:
Under the roof of the White House, George Bush has assembled what appears to be the most lethargic unimaginative group of speech meisters ever to gain government employment. The amount of redundancy in his smoke and mirrors show at Fort Bragg was astounding. Virtually every sentence in the speech was plagiarized from previous Bush pep talks, and whole paragraphs were plagiarized from other parts of the same speech. Are we paying these guys? I want a refund. If this is government work, privatize speech writing or outsource it to China.
Dude, the answer is simple. The guy doesn't know many words, so he is forced to use the same ones over and over again. Have you ever played the Bush drinking game? You write down five words and have to drink every time he says one of them during his speeches. If you choose words like freedom, fear, and liberty, you can really get trashed. Amr manages to shrink his speech down to seven minutes in his article.

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