Wednesday, June 8, 2005

This just in! Clinton and Kerry caused 9/11!

I've written before about WorldNetDaily. You can see it in the "Religious Hoots" section of my links. I shouldn't give it the time of day, yet I just can't get over my fascination with it. I honestly cannot comprehend how these people get through their daily lives. What makes a person incapable of living in reality? Is it Evangelical blindness? Is it stupidity? Is it a mental illness?

What's worse is when rational beings on the right (yes, they do exist) begin to repeat these idiocies without thought. Many of them just like to piss off the left because they're just jerks. You could see them on this blog in the comments if my addition of Haloscan hadn't erased the comments.

The founding fathers, deists despite the Christian right's denial, believed that
Man is the rational being; no authority, human or otherwise, can demand blind obedience from such a being — not in the realm of thought or, therefore, in the realm of action, either. By his very nature, they said, man must be left free to exercise his reason and then to act accordingly, i.e., by the guidance of his best rational judgment...And because man is basically good, they held, there is no need to leash him; there is nothing to fear in setting free a rational animal. This, in substance, was the American argument for man’s inalienable rights. It was the argument that reason demands freedom.” Deism is defined in Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1941, as: "[From Latin Deus, God Deity] The doctrine or creed of a Deist." And Deist is defined in the same dictionary as: "One who believes in the existence of a God or supreme being but denies revealed religion, basing his belief on the light of nature and reason."
This country was founded on rationality, yet current American political discourse leaves rationality to be desired, even among seemingly educated policymakers. (The revelation that Kerry's grades were as bad as Bush's should say something about how the overachievers aren't dominating the policymaking these days.) More time is spent on bickering than thinking. It's no wonder that Americans aren't interested in their own government, which explains why they are allowing this government greater encroachment on individual rights. Following this line of logic, it is no wonder why organizations like Focus on the Family have a voice in policymaking. Average Joe isn't really paying attention. After all, there is nothing negative about the word "family", right?

When people like Dean are criticized by their own party for telling it like it is, an alarm should go off. Why is anyone outraged? The gops are a party of white Christians. The gops are a party of white Christians. The gops are a party of white Christians. When did truth become a victim of outrage?

Clinton and Kerry caused 9/11. Why not throw in Dean, Reid, and hell, Obama in there? They're all Dems, after all. Nevermind that the Bush administration hired a National Security Advisor who specialized in Russian studies (proof that they still can't get over the fact that the Cold War is over.) Nevermind that the attacks happened on Bush's watch. George Soros caused 9/11. How about the Soviets?

I am sick of ridiculous.

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