Friday, June 3, 2005

Obviously a Bush voter

Woman, 86, arrested in pizza row

An 86-year-old woman has been arrested for calling emergency services because she couldn't get a pizza delivered.

Dorothy Densmore, of Charlotte, North Carolina, spent two nights behind bars after dialling '911' 20 times in 38 minutes.

Angry she could not get the meal delivered to her home, she demanded police arrest the pizza proprietors, reports the BBC.

She told police that she had been called a "crazy old coot" by someone at the pizza shop.

Mrs Densmore, who is 5ft tall and weighs seven stone, has also been charged with resisting arrest.

A police spokeswoman said the octogenarian scratched, kicked and bit the hand of the officer.

She has now been released from jail, pending a court appearance in July, after a judge ordered a medical evaluation.


  1. obviously a psychotic

    definitely a demo.

  2. The woman probably needs psychological help. It is common for people in their old age to do such things because of neurodegenerative disorders. I agree with daedalus that only such people would vote for bush, and at the same time sympathize with the old lady's condition

  3. Obviously related to the woman who called 911 when the fast food joint wouldn't make the burger she wanted.