Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Seed from time of Jesus grows into tree

This is real. I should notify the Rapture Index people. Seeds from an extinct date tree were found in the desert in Israel.
Planted on Jan. 25, the seedling growing in the black pot in Solowey's nursery on this kibbutz in Israel's Arava desert is 2,000 years old -- more than twice as old as the 900-year-old biblical character who lent his name to the young tree. It is the oldest seed ever known to produce a viable young tree.
This makes me think of all the possibilities, like making a Jesus clone from the DNA of His blood on the thorns still in existence. It'd be the Second Coming. I am surprised there isn't some sort of movement for that, although I guess it would have to rely on science, which is opposed by the type of zealot who would conceive such a plan.

Maybe we could get some DNA from fossils and recreate dinosaurs. How about a nice T-Rex running around? We could develop thousands of them and use them as military weapons. Just release them in the towns of our enemies and watch them rip bodies to shreds. Insurgency problem? Call T-Rex. Hey, remember that story of Noah and how he had to build a great big ark and take two of every animal? How did the animals survive with T-Rex on board?

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