Monday, June 13, 2005

Hate bad news? Pretend it doesn't exist!

More Americans are getting all of their news from Christian news sources. Move over, FAUX News, you are too "liberal" for FamilyNet!
Owned by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and seen in more than 32 million homes, FamilyNet pledges that it won't report stories that parents would be uncomfortable watching with their children.
So that pretty much leaves out war, hunger, and politics. What other news is there?
That sensibility attracted Andrea Clemmons to Christian news. The accountant from Midlothian, Texas, who attends Grace Church of Ovilla, Texas, said that mainstream media outlets seem consumed with blood, gore and assorted bad news.

"There are children missing, children being killed by their parents, killed by each other," she said. "I know it goes on, and I know we shouldn't be blind to it, but it kills me to watch it."

Once a regular reader of, Clemmons said she now listens to Christian radio - a source she deems "more pleasant" - and frequents an online Bible forum.

"I'm a little too tenderhearted, and when I do watch the news, I get really upset," she said.
She is just going to pretend that everything is rosy. And these people are going to be walking around and voting for policymakers...

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