Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Laws were broken today, folks

Representative James Senselessbrenner, gop from Wisconsin and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, did not make a unanimous consent request or motion to ajourn in a hearing on Patriot Act abuses today. Took his staff, cut the mics, shut off the lights, threatened the court reporter, Dems were shoved into a basement to continue, CSPAN coverage cut, CSPAN didn't know what to do...

Brad Blog has great coverage of this blatant disregard for the democratic process that includes a video clip.

Honestly, this makes me ill. The fact that there is NO protection for the minority in this country is frightening. The great thing about deep-rooted American democracy is that there are checks on those who would try to gain absolute power. However, when Congressmen are breaking rules to silence those who seek to promote truth, we must jump on it, scream from the mountainlaptops, and correct the wrong.

Look at the big picture, people. Do unto others... you gops won't be the majority forever, you know. How can you have such disrespect for our system of government? I encourage everyone to email Rep Sensenbrenner and express your outrage.

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