Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ten Commandments go to War

I hadn't realized Roy Moore's popularity in Alabama until I started reading the Red State Diaries. Turns out that Moore has aspirations to become governor, and he has a good chance. One would think that bad; however, it is looking better everyday.
Moore, a Republican who enjoys widespread support in his home state, is poised to run against a vulnerable Republican governor. If he wins, some party strategists speculate, he could defy a federal court order again by erecting a religious monument outside the Alabama state Capitol building. With the 2008 presidential race looming, President Bush would then face a no-win decision: either call out the National Guard to enforce a court order against a religious display on state grounds or allow a fellow born-again Christian to defy the courts.
Those extra votes the gops got from the zealots may not come again in 2008. Score a point for Hillary! Thank you, Governor Moore. You have my sympathies, non-fundamentalist Alabama.

For more on Roy Moore, see this command brief Maj. Gen. William A. Flatt from the Indiana Militia.

In other, sort of related news, World O'Crap has a great post about Randall Terry's "human side."

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