Thursday, June 23, 2005

Your tax dollars at work

Today, Senator Kennedy, Senator Corzine and Congressman Anthony Weiner will hold a press conference with Joe Hansen, President of the United Food & Commercial Workers announcing the introduction of the Health Care Accountability Act (HCAA). The Act will help determine the extent to which taxpayers are subsidizing the health care costs of our nation's largest employers. Most importantly, this legislation marks the beginning of our campaign to make Wal-Mart pay its fair share for health care.
Of course, Wal-Mart announced it is hiring 14 new high-priced lobbyists to combat the bill. So rather than forking out the money to give its employees health care, it is going to spend it on more lobbyists.

You see, righties don't get the idea that if irresponsible corporations such as Walmart would provide health insurance, we wouldn't need to suggest that government take care of it. Unfortunately, the corporations won't do the right thing, so we use what tools we have to try to fix it. And no, people don't always have a choice in working at Walmart. If they did, no one would be working there. Life circumstances don't always give us the freedom to follow our dreams, or, at least, to choose where we want to work. I want to work in Europe right now, but I can't find a single place that will give me a work permit. Not my fault.

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