Monday, June 27, 2005


If you use these napkins, would you go to jail under the flagburning prohibition? Just think of the economic devastation this country will undergo if the thing passes. You couldn't buy any flag paraphernalia. Spill something on your flag shirt? Go to jail. Scratch your flag sticker on your SUV? Go to jail. Eat one of those flag cakes? You get the idea.

Is it not odd that the same people who want to ban flag burning are the same ones who are outraged that the Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments couldn't be displayed in Kentucky? I mean, after all, the Ten Commandments ban the worship of graven images, yet the flag is a graven image. Something that is desecrated by definition has to be holy, so if the flag is holy, then it is a graven image. Then again, if one sees this photo...

I'm sure it has caused many a righty a tear, for God truly does love America best.

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