Thursday, June 9, 2005

Can Oprah save America?

So now Faulkner is on Oprah's book list. I can imagine going into a book store and seeing the big "O" sticker on the cover of The Sound and the Fury. I've tried reading Faulkner, but I just can't get into him. (This coming from a fan of stream of consciousness writing.) I would certainly take him over Dean Koonz any day.

People worship Oprah. They hang on her every word. If she says, "READ FAULKNER", people will read Faulkner. Perhaps this is just a start. Next, "O"s will be popping up on Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Soon, the whole house-ridden country will be diving into War and Peace. Hallelujah, the country's saved! Americans may learn to actually think! No more American Idol! No more Paris Hilton! No more Focus on the Family!

Alas, this is nothing but a dream, as an over-intelligent America seems beyond Oprah's reach. A land full of green parks with readers sitting on benches beneath the trees and the sunshine is a land that cannot exist with standardized testing, a gop controlled Congress, and corporate controlled publishing. Sigh...

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