Wednesday, June 8, 2005

O Canada, land of the free, home of the brave

You know there's a problem when Canadians form a group to protect their sovereignty from the United States. Which is worse, that the Canadians are insecure about themselves or that the US policies are bad enough to make people think they need to protect themselves from the US?

I find this strange and fascinating. It reminds me of the Canadian that posted angry comments when I put up the photo of Saddamn in his underwear saying it was justice. He blamed me for King Bushie's policies, like I didn't do my damnedest to get him out of there. These Canadians are not liberal. Their politically correct focus borders on fascism. You can't say anything or else you are a human rights violator. You wouldn't want to hurt people's feelings, ay?
WASHINGTON—His name is Travis Biehn, a teenager transplanted from Newfoundland to Pennsylvania's upper-middle-class Bucks County.

But two radically different portraits of the 17-year-old have emerged.

According to an aggressive media campaign abetted by the district attorney's office in the Philadelphia area, he is a dangerous young man who was intent on blowing up his high school — because he didn't like Americans.

To his family, friends, some classmates and his lawyer, he is a bright, techno-savvy prankster who is being tried publicly because he was proudly wearing an "I am Canadian" T-shirt when he was arrested.

One thing both sides can agree on — Biehn is in trouble and remains in custody, facing serious charges of making terroristic threats and possessing an incendiary device.

Police found some of the components that could be used to build a bomb in his bedroom, but not all the components for such a device, even though the district attorney is quoted as saying he had enough material to level the house.

It has raised the question as to whether Biehn is being accorded the same rights guaranteed an American or is being overly demonized because he is not from this country.
So he wants to blow up a high school because he hates Americans, yet it is not fair that he was arrested???

Liberalism can be taken too far. It's too far when you start destroying property in the name of some cause. It's too far when you start name-calling and bashing the other side when you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Liberalism is about freedom. It's not only about freedom of speech, thought, and mind, but also freedom from poverty, inequality, and injustice. People forget that sometimes when they are slapping the liberal or "progressive" label on themselves.

I really hope that this is not the dominant line of thinking in Canadian society. It really is pretty blind to think that all Americans are like those in middle America. Honestly, I am a little hurt by these people. It's not my damn fault that this country has turned out like this.

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