Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I hate the RIAA

I am a huge music fan, but my days of buying music may well be over, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling against filing sharing companies. I suppose I should have downloaded all of the songs I wanted last week before the sites shut down.
Music and film companies say they lose as much as several billion dollars a year to piracy.
Bullshit. People don't buy music because most of what the music corporations puts out is crap. Simple as that. Have you SEEN the Top 40 recently? It's full of bumbling idiots who can't spell and certainly can't read music. Also, albums are not affordable. Who can pay $20 for them? I used to download music to listen to new bands, and if I liked them, I'd buy the music. Money is too precious to waste on an album with one or two good songs.

This is another example of media consolidation in this country. The Supreme Courts ruling for cable companies, which already have monopolies on the cable industry, is an outrage. Contemporary America is NOT a capitalist country. Capitalism thrives on competition. Without competition, corporations are free to dictate whatever they want, and consumers can do nothing about it. Remember anti-monopoly laws? They are "burdensome" on "economic growth," aren't they?

I really can't believe that libertarians side with gops. Gops are all about monopolies and creating a corporate super state. I don't mind libertarians who live up to their stated principle, "The Party of Principles." (They are, after all, HALF right!) I DO mind when they support the Corporate State.

How can the court rule that government can take away peoples homes, but when it comes to music, the media industry is allowed to dictate what you can and cannot hear? Music is something that cannot be owned (unless you don't have a soul and can't feel- a common gop ailment, I've heard.) It is one thing to protect intellectual property when people are making money off of it. It is another to prevent people from enjoying your work for greed. People like Sheryl Crow, who continue to put out crap for albums, should focus their energy on producing quality music rather than fighting 12 year old kids, many of whom can't buy music for lack of income. If you build it, they will come, but if you're going to put together some shithole and expect people to play there, they'll just go elsewhere.

Focus on the music, people. Fix the recording industry. Don't punish us for your artistic failures.

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