Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Absolutism- no longer confined to dictators

Today I was sitting in a lecture by economist Paul Holden (not Australia's famous DJ), when I came to the realization that American politics is not going to change until we get someone in there who realizes that neither side is completely right and neither side is completely wrong (although the liberals are more right than the cons! :) ) Here was a guy saying that giving aid to developing countries (those which used to be called third world or poor) was bad. I find it quite funny (more funny strange than funny ha ha) that ultra-liberals are out there protesting the IMF, when the cons are in the back rooms secretly plotting its downfall, when the real problem is not that it gives too much aid or not enough, but that each side thinks that it is not absolute enough. The problem with the IMF is that it separates macroeconomics from microeconomics, and both sides fail to see that the two are intertwined.

Economics... zzzzzzzzzz, you say? Well, I agree if you get down to the details, but if you can think big picture for a second (go ahead, righties, you can do it), such minute details as property rights can change an entire economic and therefore political landscape. Take the example of Peru. Thanks to the work of Hernando DeSoto (the economic theorist, not the explorer), we have an idea of what a lack of property rights can do to a country. We even have an example of how giving property rights to citizens can thwart terrorism. Something for Dems to think about. I mean, if we could thwart terrorism without having our soldiers die, we could get a lot of votes and feel much safer!

Unfortunately, looking at economics seems to be a sin for Dems in power. Absolutism. And looking at peace for gops is a sin. Absolutism. The faux compromise over the fillibuster hasn't changed a thing. It's time for us to start coming up with ideas rather than ideologies.


  1. if i was grading your post:

    style & grammar: A+

    actual content: A- (a little on the leftish side)

    overall grade: A

    welcome to the real world!!


  2. Daedalus,
    I think you should write something about stem cell research and the republicans in your next blog, I dont remember reading one on that and please also include intelligent design. I cannot believe that americans voted for people who plan to take them back to the stone age.

  3. stem cells (every possible line imaginable) can be researched to the ends of the earth. what you are angry about is that the federal government is not providing money to do this. please clarify your position.

    have you donated $ to a college/university/research lab in order for them to carry on their research?

  4. Technically, it's if I were grading your post, which is the proper use of the subjunctive in English. Hee, hee. Thanks for the grade.

    As for stem cell research, we need to look at the big picture. The administration's negative attitude towards stem cell research has a hindering effect on potential donors for private research. You know, toe the line gops see the Prez opposed to it because it goes against the "culture of life".

    Anon, it's always about money to you. Support comes in various forms, the least of which is monetary.

  5. If support comes in various forms and the least of which is money, why all the howling about no federal funding with $?

    when socialists say it isn't about money, it is definitely about money.

  6. Um, no. It is about the "culture of life" which allows people to suffer immensely because the potential means to cure some forms of suffering go against irrational superstition.

  7. P.S. In addition, there are severe restrictions on stem cell research that hamper its progress, regardless of the funding source.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    I am a researcher myself, I work on liver cells therefore, I would be greatful if you would donate some money towards my cause and I would also be greatful if you could somehow coax the federal government from spending less on war and more on research,
    thanking you,

  9. i will excercise my choice and not donate. not that i do not agree with your research & stem cell research in general. i think that tax dollars can be prioritized elsewhere.

    although, if i remember correctly ... had john kerry and john edwards been elected, people like christopher reeve would "walk again."

    EDWARDS: Christopher Reeve just passed away. And America just lost a great champion for this cause. Somebody who is a powerful voice for the need to do stem cell research and change the lives of people like him, who have gone through the tragedy. Well, if we can do the work that we can do in this country -- the work we will do when John Kerry is president -- people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.

    oh, don't believe he said it? i took the quote from "media matters"

  10. Don't be a dumbass. "People LIKE Christopher Reeve" means people with his disability, not him. Learn to read.

  11. ohhhhhh, so it is even more than one person who will "Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again."

    here i thought it was just CR.

    He said it, you believe him, that settles it....

  12. Why don't you go up to someone in a wheelchair and tell them you don't care if they never walk again? See what they think about the possibility of being cured.

  13. why don't you walk u pto them and give them false hope.

    i think they would prefer the truth.

    i like the fantasies which the left believes in: global warming, social security, now faith healing.

    talking about cracked-out....

  14. Look above at how rightwing dumbasses can't discern sarcasm. Idiot.

  15. Well anonymous,
    I wrote that not because I needed that money but to learn about your attitude about scientific research in general. Do not forget that the america you love so much is what it is because of researchers of the past century. Your country did not stand a chance of being a super power if not for the scientific research that was encouraged so much. The economic strength and stability has been acheieved over a glorious period of rigorous scientific research. By cutting funding or preventing further progress is only going to make America more dependent on other countries. Countries that America funds like South Korea are far far ahead in stem cell research and if they get cures for incurable diseases and patent them americans would have to go begging to other countries for help. Isnt that bad? And plus scientific research always (if used within ethical considerations) works for the betterment of mankind and improves our understanding of the unknown. It also helps in curing diseases like AIDS. My kind of research has nothing to do with stem cell research and let me make this clear. But, I would still choose to support stem cell based research because it might hold the key to our future. We cannot stop. Our quest will always continue. The American government cannot stop scientific progress for the truely scientific minded.

  16. Ahh, the usual leftist trick. Claim sarcasm .............

    Try facts, with facts your chances of having to backtrack (again?) are much less.

    "Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again."

    Are you claiming JE was being sarcastic?!

  17. hahaha, anonymous I didnt read your responses carefully but I have reached the conclusion that you are a total right addict. You say that Global Warming is obsolete? Are your observations based on Michael Chrichtons recent novel? I hope not... Hahaha! I cant believe this. If you think that global warming is obsolete you should take a vacation to the south of India ( thats where I come from)during summer. Just go there and feel the heat dude. Your sweet white face will be tanned in seconds and in the dust people wouldnt be able to recognize your race for ages. Jeez!! I thought Americans were ignorant but I never knew they knew so little about science. I think I should really say... "GOD SAVE AMERICA"

  18. you forgot about the ice caps "melting."

    another fraud .......

    all hail Kyoto


    you are kidding, it is hot in southern india? wow, another environmental-whacked "discovery."