Sunday, May 22, 2005

More evidence that America is removed from reality

Defense, Prosecution Play to New 'CSI' Savvy
A Prince George's County jury would not convict a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death because a half-eaten hamburger, recovered from the crime scene and assumed to have been his, was not tested for DNA.

In the District, a jury deadlocked recently in the trial of a woman accused of stabbing another woman because fingerprints on the weapon did not belong to the suspect. An Alexandria jury acquitted a man on drug-possession charges in part because a box containing 60 rocks of crack cocaine that he was accused of tossing from his car during a traffic stop was not tested for fingerprints.

Prosecutors say jurors are telling them they expect forensic evidence in criminal cases, just like on their favorite television shows, including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."
Television may be the most dangerous threat to democracy.


  1. so true. the rest of the world is so shiny, happy, and socialist. ASK THE GERMANS!!!


    "guilty until proven innocent" = the Dem view of the world!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did I say that other parts of the world were not similarly affected by the brainrot of television? No. I simply applied the case of Americans to Americans.

    Criminals belong in jail, especially traitors. How come Milosevic's ethnic cleansing was ok, but Saddam's was not?

  4. Milosevic? Didn't that happen in the 1990's?

    The perfect decade?

    Aren't both now in jail?

  5. What I was saying was that the gops voted AGAINST taking Milosevic out. I guess it's hard to vote yes when you're leaders are taking money from the Russians to vote NO.

  6. right. that notorius right-winger barney frank voted with the gop, hmmmmmmmmm