Sunday, May 29, 2005

Neo-sadism is the post-neocon movement

"I saw cruel, sadistic torture," said Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., who said some of the images were of male prisoners masturbating. She said she saw a man hitting himself against a wall, apparently trying to knock himself unconscious.

Others said they saw images of corpses; military dogs snarling at cowering prisoners; women commanded to expose their breasts; and sex acts, including forced homosexual sex.

"There were people who were forced to have sex with each other," said Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said, "There were some pictures where it looked like a prisoner was sodomizing himself" with an object. He said blood was visible in the photograph.

Not everyone reacted the same way to the new photos.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said he thought "some people are overreacting."
The Islamicist movement began as a response to the excesses of Western materialism and a no holds barred nihilistic approach to life. When Hasan Al-Banna formed the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, he essentially did it because he was disgusted by "loose morals" of the West and Christian missionaries who went to the Middle East to try to convert Muslims. (How would the evangelical crackheads in the US feel if there were suddenly a flood of Muslims coming to the country to try to convert Christians?) Banna was a skilled organizer, and in twenty years he had managed to erect a mini-state within Egypt, which is comparable to the Evangelical movement in the US today. The government felt threatened by his prominence. There was no violence for twenty years until the Prime Minister was assassinated in 1948, which was linked to his weak support for the Palestinians against the establishment of the Israeli state.

At the same time, Sayid Qutb, the father of modern terrorism, was living in New York. He was disgusted by the materialism and racism that characterized American culture at the time. After two years, he couldn't stand New York anymore and returned to Egypt, where he became an outspoken critic of the government. For this, he was jailed. He wrote his jihad bullshit from a prison cell, where torture was common.

Now, modern terrorism is a result of perceptions on the morality of the West and the torture of extremely religious people in Egypt. So how is it that our leaders say we are "overreacting" when the very actions that triggered terrorism in the first place are the same ones we use to try to combat it? The behavior of our soldiers is like the behavior of the monks in The Misfortune of Virtue.

What's more, the soldiers are taking photos of themselves having sex with each other. Where is the moral outrage from the right? WHERE IS THE MORAL OUTRAGE, YE HYPOCRITES?


  1. were there any pictures of beheaded prisoners?

  2. There were pictures of dead ones.

  3. any with their heads cut-off?

    i guess terrorists cutting the heads off of people does not count as "torture."

    as dailykos said when the four contractors were killed last year in fallujah, "f**k 'em"

  4. So you condone orgies as appropriate foreign policy?

    You seem to think that the beheaders are lowly monsters, yet you want us to stoop to low levels. Are we not better than them?

    OK, let's use orgies to combat terrorism. Forget about getting to the root of the matter. We are no better than those monsters, according to the right who condones prison torture. Moral relativism indeed. Some torture is ok, as long as the good guys are doing it.

  5. bingo. i enjoy taking the gloves off!!

    you seem to like to equate actions taken against innocents by the terrorists to actions taken by the US against terrorists.

    i think terrorists should receive rough treatment. but, they only kill women & children on purpose. why should the Hate America First crowd care?

  6. An eye for an eye is SO first century.

  7. moral relativism on the left is soooooooooo 1973

  8. well then, you should stop using it.

  9. there is no moral relativism between US troops and the terrorists.

    if you think so ...........

  10. Terrorism and torture are terrorism and torture.

    Soemthing is only "morally relevant" if it fits your righty agenda.