Saturday, May 21, 2005

James Watts thinks he's the majority

Watts' whining about Bill Moyers doesn't change the fact that we don't need to worry about the environment because the Rapture is coming before we could destroy the Earth. Check out the Rapture Index. Liberalism comes in at number 29.

At least we know that the Iraq war has little effect on the Rapture Index, despite the fact that the Index is so high right now. This is because
several categories have reached the point where they cannot go higher. The categories such as ecumenicalism and globalism are at their full state of development. In addition, the "Beast government" category, which pertains to Europe's revival of the Roman Empire, is as high as it can go.
Now let me get back to my crack.


  1. i guess you missed the news, the ice caps are NOT melting. in fact .... they are getting thicker!!!!!!!


    maybe leftists should think first?

  2. And curiously enough, the sea level is still rising... it's the Rapture, I tell you, the Rapture!!!

  3. i am sure you think government should pass some sort of law to stop the sea level rising?

    btw, any link to a REAL scientific study showing the sea level is "rising"?

  4. ......... waiting on that link

  5. didn't think so..........

  6. Is there any time limit on the rapture thingy occuring? Jesus said that his peers would see it coming.... ever since, we had an infinite number of false alarms....

    I mean, the time limit is kinda importand, don't you think? The sun will start acting up in about 1.1 billion years.... destroying all life on our planet.

    What a way to spend your life... living in fear, in fear of life & death! Oh, and a great deal of bargaining!....

  7. I'm not sure, though St. Malachy predicted that this will be the last Pope, so I guess we don't have much longer. Also, the Mayan calendar runs out in 2012. Better do all of those things that you've always wanted to do!

  8. Watt said:

    "If these merging groups -- the extreme environmentalists and the religious left..."

    Excuse me, aren't they one and the same?