Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ohio GOP scandal unfolding...

Hobin Rood steals from the State to give to the Rich. Another day, another GOP scandal.

In other retarded republican news...

California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — hoping to promote road and transit projects across the state — went to a quiet neighborhood of San Jose Thursday, and helped 10 city road workers fill in a massive pothole. Standing before a swarm of cameras, he insisted, "I'm here today to let everyone know that we're going to improve transportation."

But it turns out the pothole he helped fix wasn't a problem just hours before because it wasn't even there. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the crew dug it up, specifically for the event. And, what's more, the nice clean vests that the workers wore were given to them, brand-new, Thursday morning.

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  1. Mexican politicians steal from the rich and the poor to themselfs lol.