Thursday, May 26, 2005

This makes me want to surrender my US passport

This is dreadful news. There were more people who voted for the American Idol than who voted in the Presidential election. I am so ashamed.

I think that if you voted for the American Idol, you shouldn't be allowed to vote for your governmental representatives anyway. Do you really have nothing to do than let your brain rot on your couch two nights a week? Ok, I am kidding about not being allowed to vote. Besides, I bet most of the Idol voters were under the voting age anyway. After all, don't most four year olds have cell phones these days?

American Idol producers should be arrested for disturbing the peace and made to produce an "American Political Idol" democracy awareness campaign. I've often thought that a great reality television show would be to stick three dems, three gops, and three politically apathetic people into a house and let them go at it, sort of like the Real World, only it would be the real world. (This idea is my intellectual property, so if you are interested in producing it, let me know. Otherwise I will use the courts to sue.) I think reality television may be the only way to get people back to reality, but it must be reality and not Survivor.


  1. always with the left.....

    why do you want to micro-manage the life of people?

    why does the left want to control people soooooooooooo much?

  2. Some people are just too stupid to fend for themselves. What's wrong with awareness campaigns? These types of things are as bad for us as mercury in our water.

  3. you mean kinda like the fraud regarding the "melting" ice caps?

  4. Tell it to the kids with leukemia.

  5. kinda reminds me of the early 1990's when alar on apples was going to kill the entire human population by 1997 if nothing was done.

    do you not remember the hysterical "testimony" from meryl streep regarding the number one killer of all man-kind, alar?

    her histrionics were almost equal to those of a certain Senator from Ohio on the floor of the Senate this week....

  6. i havent seen a dumber show on earth than the american Idol. No wonder america elects bush as presidents, its Idols suck... When will some one save this world from mediocrity?