Friday, May 20, 2005

Iraqi patriarch slams US evangelicals

Good old evangelical crackheads:
The head of Iraq's largest Christian community has denounced American evangelical missionaries in his country for what he said were attempts to convert poor Muslims by flashing money and smart cars.
I'll give you a dollar if you love Jesus!

This reminds me of a Morman guy I met who had spent a year trying to convert Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Umm... hello? Anyone home in that head of yours?

I guess they laid off the godcrack long enough to realize it wasn't safe to stay in a country in the midst of a civil war, as many of them are leaving.


  1. i will ask the rightwing religious-christian nuts to chill-out if you will ask the leftwing religious-environmentalists to chill-out.

  2. if it becomes/is a civil war, at least we know which side lards like michael moore are one.

    i will be on the elected iraqi government side. what about you?

  3. the environmentalists aren't out there trying to make policies to ban freedoms for people.

    so you're on the shia side? i'm not taking sides.

  4. bulls** the enviros are indeed trying to make policies to ban freedoms. ask the fishermen in Spain being put out of work by the forced windmill farm imposed by Greenpeace.......

  5. As you would say, get another job. They have the freedom to do that. Move to another city, as you would say.

  6. they can also fight to keep the economically retarded windmill crowd out of their lives as well.

    Wind, it is only 4X the cost of nuclear!

  7. heads-up, religion of peace on the way: