Monday, May 30, 2005

Remembering the Dead AND the Wounded

John Wheeler writes in today's WaPo about how the wounded are an often forgetten tragedy of war. What a shame that there is no mechanism for recognizing the people who have lost arms, legs, and sight rather than hearts or brains. I would rather be dead than to have no arms and legs. The stuggles they go through... wow. Kudos to those who learn to live with it. Kudos to those who can't deal with it and choose to take their own lives. Kudos to the families who have to feed them and dress them everyday and the friends who stick around after they are no longer fully functional human beings.

War sucks. Why is peace such a bad thing?


  1. ask Zar-Q ..........

    i am sure he feels the same way every time he hacks off the head of someone.

  2. Should the US government repeat what the terrorists did in the name of war? Is this the most practical solution to eradicating terrorism? In Kashmir a terrorists son becomes a terrorist. Every life taken is replaced by many others... War is not a solution to terrorism.

  3. please provide link to US government beheading story ....

  4. your hero:

    nice how he treats women ....

  5. what's the difference between using a knife to cut someone's head off and using a bomb?

    your drudge story isn't worth the time it took to pull up the page.

  6. sorry you do not like to be an "informed" citizen. please return to watching your American Idol...