Sunday, May 29, 2005

Judge: Some religions don't count

Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

Jesus(TM) doesn't like pagan religions.

The crackheads have struck again, spitting on civil liberties and trying to establish a single religion.

Now, I don't like sausage on my pizza, but am I going to try to prevent people from being able to order sausage? And am I going to tell parents not to let their kids eat sausage on their pizza? No.


  1. i don't like the anti-capitalist and ant-free market stances taken by the enviro-fascist movement. why do you support their forcing their proto-religion on others?

  2. Why are pro-capitalist and pro-market stances forced on Americans? These are asocial forces which don't consider that human life is the only reason these things exist anyway. It's all market, market, market, like the market is some god which controls the universe.