Wednesday, May 25, 2005


My ninth grade English teacher used to describe things that were easy as "Mickey Mouse", as in "This test is so Mickey Mouse."

It's so Mickey Mouse to see the results of the American Family Association's boycott on Disney for the last nine years: ZERO.

Have you ever read the World Net Daily? It is a "free press for free people." They have a whole section called Invasion USA which is dedicated to immigrants. There is another whole anti-Clinton section. Bill Clinton is a "has-been", according to that wonderful leader of the Democratic Unionists, Ian Paisley.

Did you know that Christianity, not Islam, is the fastest growing religion on the planet? The reason is this:
The most shocking aspect of the growing turn of the world toward Christ is this: People are coming back from death after being prayed for by ordinary folks like you and me. To be specific, my newest book, "MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power," documents resurrections in 52 countries, mostly in the last 15 to 20 years. And these are not the well-known, "near-death" experiences where someone on an operating-room table passes out and goes down a long tunnel toward a light. These are stone-dead corpses.
It's Mickey Mouse to see these people are cracked out on god.

The AFA has a great map with contact information for all Senators, Representatives, and Governors. Click here to contact your Congresspeople to tell them what to do. We are their bosses, not the special interests!


  1. i guess only leftists/socialists are "allowed" to boycott & protest??

  2. Maybe these people could take a lesson from your "socialists" and learn how to be effective. I mean, who even remembered they were boycotting?

  3. better yet, besides you and your leftist buddies .......... who cares?

    now of course, had this group been successful ..... the leftists would be crying "censorship."

    ahhh the left, tries to have it every way.....

  4. Nobody but the god crackheads cares about their agenda of hatred. That's why they were unsuccessful.

  5. "agenda of hatred" is your opinion.

    some see the enviro-religious crackheads as having an "agenda of hate" when it comes to placing the needs of man secondary to the needs of trees and leaves.....

  6. What's your point? Do you see any trees on this site?