Thursday, May 19, 2005

The GOP Congress hates our troops

A House committee passed a bill that would limit women's role in combat even further than it is. So, despite the fact that our troops are exhausted and that the military is finding recruiting difficult, the gops pass the bill anyway.

In the Army, women are expected to and do the same training as men. Women have been "in combat" for years with zero problems. Name one time that a mission has been compromised because of gender if you dispute this. Even voice interceptor teams, which sit far from the front lines to monitor radio comms, could come under fire. You mean to tell me that because of my gender, my Arabic language skills are not needed in a combat zone? What's more is that I know many women who kicked men's butts in physical fitness, shooting, and all sorts of "manly" combat skills in the Army.

I am sick and tired of people who have never spent a day of their lives in the military trying to make policy. I'm not saying that only generals should make policy, because that would be disasterous, but we need to have defense policymakers that have a clue about defense. This includes RUMMY, who has destroyed our military TWICE now in his position. Why do the generals hate him? Hmmm...

How long before the rightwing pundits and before Psychobitch Coulter begin to applaud the gops for this policy, which effectively states that they believe women should be in the kitchen baking pies while the men go off to work?

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  1. same training? so PT standards are identical for both men and women?

  2. Of course PT standards are not the same. The training is the same, however. A woman is not excused from running five miles because she is a woman. And I can tell you that my scores were higher than a lot of guys.

    The standards are also different for age. Do we exclude people from combat for age?

  3. you were making a gender comparison. stop switching the subject. just wanted to ensure you knew that PT training was not "identical/same"

  4. YES, THE TRAINING IS THE SAME. five miles is five miles.

  5. the training is not the same. females are held to lower standards. care to refute that?

  6. so ..........

    training: push-ups, sit-ups, two-mile run

    participants: one male, one female. both the same age.

    question: do each have to do the same # of push-ups? sit-ups? same time on the two-mile run?

    same standard?!

  7. hey pinkos,

    when are you going to run the DeLay-cleared article that was buried in the NYT today?

    got link?

  8. fun fax:

    you like to go on and on about Jefferson (a slave-holder) being the "founder" of the Dem Party.

    contrast that with the "founder" of the GOP, Lincoln (freed the slaves).

    hmmmmmmm, scratching my head.......

  9. today's gop is the party of NIXON, not Lincoln. Lincoln was not a crook.

    Jefferson was conflicted about owning slaves. He had written in his beef with the king in the Declaration of Independence that slavery was wrong, but the founders made him take it out because the Southern states wouldn't have gone for it, and they needed the Southern states to win independence.

    Know your American history instead of spitting out rhetoric.

  10. DeLay was cleared on ONE of his MANY accounts.

  11. Don't be a dumbass. Everyone knows that men are physically stronger than women, just as younger people are capable of doing more than older. Training is more than a PT test. More men failed out of my Arabic class then men. I qualified with my rifle with more hits than a lot of men. I can apply a tournaquet, do CPR, and put on a gas mask. It doesn't take a man to drive a tank, operate a computer, fly a plane, or fire a weapon.

    I know the right thinks that it is 1005 instead of 2005, but our soldiers no longer carry swords and spears. Physical strength is not a major factor in winning a war. However, mental strength is, and with the right in charge, we're getting screwed.

    Five miles is five miles.

  12. you are clueless