Saturday, May 21, 2005

Man kills mother, wears her skin, reads Bible(TM)

A MAN killed and skinned his mother then draped himself in her skin and stepped out to direct traffic.

The 42-year-old, identified only as RZ, hit her head with a heavy blunt instrument. He then cut her throat and chopped off both her arms.

Then, with a long--bladed meat knife used for filleting meat from bones, he spent eight hours skinning the 76-year-old.

RZ's lawyer said the man committed the murder because he felt he had to make a sacrifice for God.

The court was told: 'He chose his mother because he loved her so much.'

After the killing, the man dressed himself in his mother's skin and took to the streets of Vlaardingen, Holland, on the night of February 4Unbalanced He was seen directing traffic in her skin and dressed in one of her dresses as he recited texts from the Bible, the court heard.

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