Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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  1. Senator Crybaby

  2. Awww... poor gop, upset that one of the gops isn't toeing the line...

    Whatever. go back to your swastika.

  3. Glad to see you are drinking your Absolutism again.

    Leftist "tolerance" .......... right

  4. anonymous,
    I think we are giving you too much of importance by even replying to your nonexisting arguements. The whole world (excepting some righteous americans) believes that what is "right" here is wrong everywhere else. Please do not argue for the sake of arguement. Be a world player and understand other cultures and individuals, the world opinion counts and American thoughts and views will become obsolete when China and India become superpowers. I see this happening pretty soon and then hopefully the "right" will start bending backwards and begging for world recognition.

  5. Robbie,

    If you only knew. I am a huge internationalist. I rarely view things from the "American" point of view. As Daedalus can confirm.

    I suggest to you the following. Your view of how the rest of the world "thinks" is crumbling. In Europe socialism is crumbling (ask Schroder now, Ask Chirac next week). The EU is set to swing to the right economically in very short order. This means bad news for the environmental extremists as well. I have my own blog on the EU.

    The leftists in the US are soon to find themselves with only Canada as their beacon of Utopia. Despite the fact the Canadian government is beyond riddled with corruption.

    I love talking about international issues. Pick one. I am wide open. Just don't confuse your opinion with fact.

  6. I am really surprised at how short sighted you are. DO you think governments in Europe have a choice? atleast the NATO countries. Do you have a sense that what governments feel seldom reflects what the people feel? Do you know even about how respected Americans are in any part of the world? I for one can attest to the hatred people in my country have towards George Bush. I am from India my friend the worlds largest Democracy and everybody there hates G.W.Bush and his policies. I therefore here represent one fourth the worlds population. The Indian government sucks up to the current US government just for further outsourcing benefits. The peoples opinion here does not count. A countries leadership has nothing to do with what the people feel about America in general.Tony Blair's majority was cut short in the recent elections because of the war in Iraq. The world is becoming more and more independent of American economics and soon you will find America succumbing to greater powers and lesser number of countries will suck up to the US. What you see is not reality it is just a mirage wait and you will see what I mean.

  7. You obviously missed my post long ago on this site taking the author to task over the myth of the American job. I am well aware and hugely supportive of both China and India becoming economic counterweights to the US. You see I believe in competition producing positive results. If you think India and China will surpass the US based upon domestic demand only, you are dillusional. India tried that route already.

    Note your statement, Labour's majority in the Commons was cut short over iraq. To hear you speak Labour should have been relegated to a rump party of 5 members. Afterall the vast tide of humanity (I assume the UK included) hates Iraq and hates GWB, Blair by association. It is funny, the socialists and neo-socialists all hate what has happened in Iraq. Oh, the funny part? The Iraqis are overwhelmingly glad that the UK & the US liberated their country. Oops, they don't agree with you so they do not count. You might want to talk to Iraqis before you start spouting off about their country.

  8. Care to talk about Kyoto or the "melting" ice caps?


  9. Jeez!! dude you totally dont get it do you? You are talking as if the Iraqis are hugging and kissing the american soldiers and that they personally invited you to dinner today. Occupation and invasion are terms invariably associated with this war and the happy faces you see on American television is just a mirage. American media is dominated by so many rightists that the real picture is buried in the dust. Tony Blairs recent economic reforms have been good that is the sole reason why the english people retained him. If not for his economic reforms what you said would have come true and the labour party would really have had to labour to come out of this crisis. China and India are already economic counter weights. More and more jobs from the US are being outsourced to these countries.Outsourcing is so rampant that sometime soon you will find that your X-ray was read by a tech in India. What about that dude? Dont you have competent doctors in the United States? And what about your software engineers are they going to go to India to search for Jobs? and hey what about your MBA graduates? Do you know that some US unviersities are already sending their students to do internship to India a third world country? WHERE ARE YOUR STANDARDS DUDE? and hey Medical transcription is done on a daily basis in India for US medics. wait a minute did I forget something? US tax forms are being outsourced? what will the average american do for a living? GO to india I guess...
    poor american in a third world country... maybe then it wont be so "RIGHT"

  10. I have been asked and accepted many dinners from Iraqis. Since I lived and worked in Iraq, I do not have the need to rely on MSM drivel about Iraq.

    Can you not read, I am extremely in favor of economic progress in all countries. I do not believe in the myth of the American job.

    I agree India is a wonderful country full of and fulfilling it's economic potential. Count me in!!!

    BTW, do you live in India now? If not why not?

    As far as standards, I do not claim to speak for any American or European (I know your ego leads you to believe you speak for a 1/4 of humanity, nice humility) I am concerned with making sure that I can exist and compete in the global economy. So far, so good!!

    Three cheers for outsourcing and globalization from this quarter. Try reading this post before responding.

  11. and btw do you know what percentage of M.D's in the United states are of Indian origin?
    consider this a trivia question...

  12. answer, i could care less. you see, when i go to a doctor ....... i go to a doctor. the race/national origin matters not to me. just that they are a good doctor.

    why would any immigrant want to come here anyway? per your "logic" the entire world hates the US.

  13. I am a graduate student here in the United States to do scientific research. And I am totally opposed to outsourcing of any kind. I am opposed to it for two reasons 1) It will increase dependence on jobs in India on the United States and 2) It will reduce the number of Indian ventures. It is not going to help in the economic development of India in anyway. The influx of jobs at the moment is just a mirage. India has the power and potential to be a trend setter. My primary motive is to finish my scientific training here and improve scientific research in my own country for there needs to be an increase in the number of research centres in India for India to truely become a world power. We have nuclear power but that doesnt make us powerful. Scientific research and growth similar to that established in the United states is the only way India can attain economic development and stability. We need to thwart religious fanatics and establish a highly civilized scientific society. That is the only way India is going to be a super power. Nuclear power does not make a country a super power. I would only call India a super power when we attain total self sufficiency and eradicate poverty. We need science in India very badly. More and more students like me come to the United states for the graduate programs but the number returning home was very less till the last few years. We now know that India will offer us a base to start fresh and sow the seeds of science. I would like to know if you are in Iraq right now and if you are sitting in someones house smoking the hukkah!

  14. I disagree with you on outsourcing. I think providing employment for as many people as possible is a good thing. I am glad you are here. I would be glad for you to stay and work here when you finish. I am happy that you also want to help India. I think India's potential is real. I think the current wave is not a mirage but just the beginning. 1991 was not that long ago for India.

    I am unfortunately not in Iraq at the moment. I love Iraq and I love Iraqis (the vast majority love Americans too). I would kill for a hukkah right now. I tend towards the apple-flavored sheesha.

    If you are interested in EU political and economic news/trends/commentary, let me know and I can send my link. It is a well-travelled site.

  15. The world hates the US because of the its leaders not because of its people. The US is a country made of immigrants. Take away the immigrants and you take away half the nobel laureates of the last century. People come here searching for scientific excellence. People come here to marvel at the worlds oldest democracy. But unfortunately the current US politicians project the US in bad light. It is unfortunate that there are so many ignorant people in the United States. Since I am in the United States I really feel the enormous levels of ignorance. People are blindly patriotic and confused about global policy. The problems here in the US are the same as in any part of the world. The world developed has lost its meaning. We all come to the US hoping to see a highly civilized scientific society. I am glad among people that are scientifically inclined. The whole world hates the RIGHTIST AMERICA. When Clinton visited India, I thought he was the most charismatic leader to have visited India ever. I even own his autobiography. I think leaders like him are the reason why america can claim greatness. Bush is killing the american image around the world.

  16. Clinton's was a wasted Presidency. You are aware he was widely reviled in the US and he never received the majority of votes in either of his elections (42% in 1992 and 49% in 1996). He was all talk and no action. Nobody can point to three things he attempted to accomplish or actually did accomplish.

    Your points are very similar to what the leftists in the US think about when they dream of their Utopia, Europe. Schroder is hated in Germany. Chirac is hated in France. The Dutch PM is an object of ridicule. The Spaniards will come to deeply dislike their PM. Internal/external dislike of political elites is not strictly related to the US. I strongly dislike poolitical elites and do not trust them. I can seperate the people from their policies though. My "hate" is strictly related to policies not the person. The leftists can not seperate their hate. Their personal hate of GWB is just as irrational as the rights personal hate of WJC in the 1990's.

  17. Some of the achievements of Bill Clinton,
    1. Economic Growth was at its peak under Clinton, you can call someone else responsible if you want but it will be Clinton most remembered
    2. Stayed in the gazza strip and negotiated peace between the palestenians and the Israelis the first president of any country to try anything like that
    3. Successfully dealt with the crisis in serbia
    4. Was a very popular president worldwide considered very sharp and intelligent
    5. Won the hearts of people in India when everyone thought monika lewinsky affair was going to ruin his visit
    6. Kept Saddam hussein under wraps and kept him from developing WMD's
    7. Did not put American lives on line unecessarily unless absolutely required
    need I list more?

  18. 1. The economic "growth" fueled by and corporate financial scams? X
    2. Peace between Israelis and Palastinians ? Really now. X
    3. By killing innocent people? No UN mandate ? This would be classified as "illegal" by some. Neutral
    4. Opinion X
    5. Opinion X
    6. Clinton was always talking about the dangers of Saddam developing WMDs X
    7. ????

    You left bombing the aspirin factory in the Sudan causing increased disease in that part of Africa. You forgot negotiating a deal with No. Korea whivh enabled them to build nuclear weapons. Did not arrest UBL on 6 instances.

    Need I list more?

  19. you actually crossed out my 3rd point and said killing innocent people? Jeez! do you know how many innocent people died in Afghanistan and Iraq because of Bush, and hmm! do you know about the depleted plutonium used by the US army in their bombs? and that these radio active bombs could have an effect on those affected for years?
    Justify this

  20. I know all about it. You can ask the Serbians too.

  21. p.s. are you going to mention the discredited 100k dead in Iraq b.s.?

  22. Interesting discussion going on while I was out playing pool and having a few Sam Adams Summer Ales.

    Glad to see anon thinks that bombing chemical weapons factories is bad.

    Another "non-achievement" of Clinton's: peace in Northern Ireland. With the notable exception of the Omagh bombing four months after the treaty was signed, there has been little violence for seven years in a place that was always violent. Unfortunately, to keep a peace, you have to pay attention to it afterward, and Bush/Blair have been too busy dirtying their hands in War. Ian Paisley has stepped up his Jerry Falwell like rhetoric, and David Trimble was defeated in the last elections, so flare ups are possible.

    Robbie didn't say "peace in Israel/Palestine". He was talking about engagement in the peace process.

    Iraq has changed since you've been their, anon. Based on the comments of a work colleague who has just returned after a month in Iraq, the Sunnis have lost hope, and civil war is all but inevitable.

    Why, when you talk about your hatred for political elites, does it not include US gop elites like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, DeLay, Frist, etc, etc? There's is an exclusive club that takes pleasure in stomping on the little guy.